Do you know Joel Packard’s Parents ?

I have been on the hunt for documentation of the parents of Joel, Silas and William Packard.  I have yet to locate anything that ties them to the previous generation, but have found plenty who say their father is Daniel, some say Samuel and the best I can do is Jonathan Packard.

I am in search of the author of the William Packard history that was written not long ago that states his father is Daniel.  I have not seen enough of this history to know if it is documented,  as to parents of these Packards who migrated to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts or Connecticut.

Silas Packard’s tombstone states “From Pelham”, but in searching the Pelham records, find nothing to prove that.  The Bradford County (PA) history states he was from Pelham, not sourced.  That this has been recorded in a number of places must mean something, but what?  The Robinson records have a Daniel Packard who married Zebeah Robinson, but the final word on them is “they went to Pelham”.

If any of you would look at this blog have information that can lead me to a source, I would be ever so grateful to receive the documentation.

Cousins out West

Al and I are back from our trip out West to cover 2 of the 3 remaining States we need to visit.  We flew to Portland, OR, visited the Capitol in Salem then had dinner with a semi-cousin, Gerry Veley, in Portland.  I first met Gerry through the Lycoming County Historical Society.  There are Veley’s who married Packards, so that is the semi- cousins.  We had a delightful meal at a Greek restaurant and caught up on how we are related, what interesting people we meet through genealogy and fun facts about our relatives.  Gerry gave me some of his Cinnamon Honey from his own company.  I tried it when I got home and LOVE IT.  Thanks, Gerry.  It was wonderful to meet you.

After Portland, we drove out to see Mt. St. Helen’s, but got rained out and headed back to Washington (the State of) to meet up with cousins, Lance and Gay White, for lunch in Tacoma, after a quick visit to the Capitol in Olympia.  Another fun meal seaside at Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant in Puget Sound.  I can see what everyone loves about this area.  The seafood is fresh, the sights are beautiful and it is so relaxing.  It has been a few years since I was in the area and could spend a little time with the West Coast White cousins.

Lance gave me copies of pictures of his Mom and Dad, to put on the World War II website, to honor them for their service.  Lance tells me that is how Charles and Marcia met.  Looking back on growing up with my cousins in Troy, PA, I have such fond memories of hiking over the hill to swim with them in Laurel Lake, sitting with Lynn White in many of my classes at high school, and just having lots of family around.

No more relatives after Tacoma, but fun travels to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park.  This is a great time to go to the parks.  The animals have their babies, haven’t totally headed for the hills and are still around the roads so you can see and photograph them.  Have some free time?  I have a few hundred pictures I can bore you with, of animals, mountains, water, geysers, bison, bison and more bison.

If you are a senior and haven’t heard about the National Park pass, look it up.  Free admission to all National Parks, except Cape Canaveral.  It is the greatest bargain the US Government gives seniors.  We certainly have gotten a return on this $10.00 investment.  Thanks, Jackie and Randy for turning us on to this.

We traveled from Washington, in and out of Idaho to Montana (our second State to check off our list), in and out of Wyoming to the parks and ended our trip in Jackson, WY for our flight back to Harrisburg via Denver and Chicago.  We put 2075 miles on our rental car and would do it all again in a heart beat.

Found a new cousin, Gerry Veley

When you are looking for information about your ancestors, it is good to get the word out there in any outlet you have available.  That is how I found “cousin” Gerry or more correct, he found me.  He is related through the Packard family, which has caused me hissy fits for years.

Who are the parents of Joel Packard and Ebenezer Avery?  I spent a week at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston looking for their parents.  I know that Joel Packard was born in Massachusetts or Connecticut, depending on what you read.  I know he died in Bradford County, PA and came to this county with his brothers, Silas and William.  He may have a sister, Millie who came with them also, but have found no further record about her.  I did not find anything that proves the parents of Joel, but worked through wills that NEHGS has on microfilm and other records to see if I could locate any record that mentions the three brothers.  The next time I visit Boston, I’ll be looking at any court records beyond the wills and estates for mention of parents.  Any suggestions from my readers would be appreciated.

Some researchers say that Joel’s father was Daniel, some Samuel and from my research at NEHGS, the most likely person is Jonathan.  So what next?  Gerry sent me a copy of a letter he recently acquired that tells of Joel, Silas and William, their children and grandchildren, but doesn’t mention anything about the parents of the original three brothers.  Research in Bradford County helps me fill in the blanks from Joel, Silas and William on down the line, but not going back to place of origin.

I’ll keep working on this brick wall until I locate something that definitively proves their parentage, then I’ll work on Ebenezer.  Do you know how many Ebenezer Avery’s there are in Connecticut?  More than you would think, same with Joel Packard.  Well, until my next blog.