Is David Milligan the father of Hannah Milliken/Milligan White?

I am looking for any information that proves the connection between Hannah Milliken White and her father, David Milligan, son of Samuel Milligan. 

According to History of the Families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy Comprising Genealogies and Biographies of their Posterity Surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin A.D. 800-A.D.- 1907, Lewiston, ME, Journal Press, 1907, “Hannah, second daughter of David, b. in Swissvale, Perry Co., Penn., Aug 28, 1805; was m. in her 21st year to William White, and settled in Perry Co., Penn., where she united with the Associate Church. Subsequently the family removed to Indiana, and in 1866 removed to Pana, Ill., where she and her husband united with the U.P. Church and she died in 1872. 

David Milligan, son of Samuel Milligan, was born in Swissvale, Perry Co., PA, married Sarah Wallace and about 1814 moved west, where they settled near Pittsburgh (Braddock Fields), PA.  His wife died in 1818-1819, and his children went westward. He dies in 1834. The above book names his children: Samuel died in childhood; Sallie marries John Swisshelm; Robert marries Mary Ann Shortess; John marries Lucinda Elmore; James died young; Hannah marries William White; Peggy marries Robert Graham; Eleanor marries Dr. Joseph Faulkner; Hon. Joseph Milligan marries Janie M. Hawkins, then Harriet N. Fullenwider; and Rev. Thomas Stuart Milligan marries Louisa Frances Warren.

It appears that Hannah may have stayed in Perry County when the remainder of the family moved to Braddock Fields. She would have been about 10 years old at this time. Did she stay with other family who remained in Perry County?

Erin Spencer on National Geographic

It was a big surprise when I turned on National Geographic station this week to see our cousin, Erin Spencer, swimming with the sharks on Shark Fest. If you have On Demand you might want to catch the show.

Erin is a PhD student, in marine ecology, at Florida International University, studying sharks, specifically hammer head sharks. I wouldn’t get in the water any place with a shark, let alone a hammer head. They are quite large. Erin and her research group actually spend many hours on the water looking for them.

She is a very courageous person to put herself in that kind of danger to help an apex predator to survive in the ocean. She bravely takes laser measurements while the shark swims around her, looking for a meal, hopefully, something a other than the researchers.

Author of award winning “Explore and Protect the Natural wonders of the Sea: The World of Coral Reefs”, Erin is also an accomplished writer. If you would like a very colorfully illustrated, down to earth, kids book (even adults can learn from it), I would suggest you order one of her books from

It is wonderful to see what our next generation cousins are doing to impact the world. Catch her blog by googling her or go on her Facebook page.

Strolling through Facebook you can find many unusual items to read. I found this one particularly interesting because I frequently get asked if I am related to Milton S. Hershey, Founder of Hershey, PA and infamous for his chocolate town. Most people will recognize the name of Hershey. As a genealogist, I can tell you, my husband is a first cousin three times removed. When you tell most people this relationship, their faces go blank. I could explain this, but then I can imagine you would change to another blog.

Back to HowManyofMe – I found this website and thought I would find out how many Deborah Hershey’s there are in the United States. The results:

There are
people with the name Deborah Hershey in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I thought this was a little low as I know there are 4 Deborah Hershey’s in the Hershey area, but there are also, last time I checked, 100 Hershey families in the local phonebook (back when you were listed in a phonebook). As we have traveled around the USA we have stopped in other towns named Hershey, but I didn’t think to look in their phonebooks. There is a Hershey, Nebraska, for one.

This is a fun exercise, how many of you are in the United States?

Sargent William Walter White (1894-1953)

Co. H, 314 Infantry World War I Taken April 1918

List of men, not necessarily in order: Eister, Stipler, B.Brown, Bolle, Longo, Laux, Kocher, Decker, C. Smith, Cleon Smith, Sgt. Culver, Ferrera, Brady, Hackenburger, J. Kelly, Krocto, Corp. White, Hartzel, Burns, Corp Sally, Heims, Corp. Reed, Howley, Gardner, Fritz, Cathers, Murphy, Edwards, Barefoot, Booker, Crozier

The picture above was sent to me after Christmas, 2021, by Cousins Bill and Kathy McCord. Our grandfather is pictured third row up on the right, peaking around the soldier standing in the second row. This is Company H, 314 Infantry group at Camp Mead, MD in 1918.

Grandpa White enlisted in the Army Nov. 2, 1917 and was discharged Mar. 13, 1919. At the time of the photo he was a Corporal, however on discharge was a Sargent in Co. 35 153 Depot Brigade (formerly 191 Hoboken Casual Co. ). He served overseas for seven months. He participated in the Battle of Montfaucon (France) that was part of the Meuse-Argonne Champaign. This was the first battle to use chemical warfare and was considered one of the most significant of the campaign.

Corp. White also fought in the Malancourt and Nantillious, France battles before returning to the United States for discharge at Camp Dix, New Jersey. His discharge states that he did not have any wounds, however my mom (Martha White) stated that he had burn scares on his arm from the chemicals that were released in the battle of Montfaucon.

According to the CSI Battlebook for the Battle of Montfaucon, “the sector (304) facing north toward Malancourt, Montfaucon and Nantillious , covered not only the most impossible terrain in all the Meuse-Argonne area, but was also placed in front of the greatest obstacle in the sector – the village and area around Montfaucon…. Sector 304 was part of the battlefield of Verdun, fought over by the armies of France and Germany for four years. ” “Within the Avocourt-Malancourt sector, the Germans held on to their most formidable positions on the entire Western Front.

I hope descendants of the 314th Infantry find this photo and can identify their relative. If you would like to share that information feel free to contact me.

White Family Loses Three Cousins

May 23, 2021 cousin James William Roberts, 92, of Marysville, passed away at Claremont Nursing & Rehab Center, Carlisle, PA. Jim will be remembered by some as the caretaker, along with Harold Branyan, of the Gailey-White Cemetery in Cove, PA. He made sure there was a bridge across the creek so visitors could access the cemetery. He and Harold mowed the access path and maintained the cemetery for many years.

James William Roberts

Jim always had an interesting story or photo to share. I spent many hours in the cemetery, cleaning out poison ivy and filling groundhog holes with him. He turned the books over to me some years ago, but I could never keep it looking as good has Jim.

On July 22, 2021, another cousin, Sara Myers Johnson, 96, of Mechanicsburg, PA passed away. My best memory of Cousin Sara was the first Christmas I lived in Hershey, I had to work Christmas Day. Sara invited me to come for lunch with her family. My first Christmas that wasn’t in Snedekerville nor with Mom, Dad, Barb and Carol. Sara saved my holiday and I was able to get home later in the week.

Sara also introduced me to my California cousins. Mark Myers was coming for a visit from California. I knew we had Myers cousins, but had never met them. I am so glad I had that opportunity. Later, when I traveled for work, I visited Mark in New Orleans when he was working at the Audubon Zoo. He gave me a personal tour, that was truly unforgettable.

Sara Myers Johnson

The photo below is Mel Myers, Scott and Herb Johnson, Mark and Robb Myers at one of the family reunions.

On the 15th of January this year, Sara’s brother, Melvin also died. He was in Beechwood, NJ at the time and I have no further information about his death. I visited Mel and Dottie in Princeton NJ on a couple of occasions. He gave me the photo that I take to the White Reunions, of the children of Alexander and Mary Ella (Hess) White. It is such a treasure.

Court of Honor for Eagle Scouts

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Boy Scout Troop #64, Duncannon, PA, court of honor for four Eagle Scouts. The Court of Honor is a ceremony to award Eagle Scout to those who have completed an Eagle Scout project. Our Cove (Gailey-White, Allen’s Cove) cemetery was Jonathan Garula’s project. He built two new bridges over the streams leading to the cemetery, cleaned tombstones and righted some that had fallen.

Garula Eagle Scout
Jonathan Garula and Parents

Jonathan did a wonderful job that has already been tested by the storms that run through this valley. The bridge across the largest stream has been pushed off it’s block during previous storms, but stood the test with recent deluges. It is now safe to walk back the lane to the cemetery where many Whites, Bells, Roberts, and Branyons are buried. The oldest person buried here is Alexander Gailey, Revolutionary War patriot who was born in 1740 and died in 1842.

A big thank you goes out to Jonathan and his helpers for caring for our cemetery.

Alexander Oberholtzer, Andrew Burget, Scout Master Tom, Jonathan Garula, Dylon Mills

The other young men who were awarded Eagle Scout were: Andrew Burget, Dylon Mills and Alexander Oberholtzer. Congratulations to all of the honorees.

Blanas/ Attenoukon Nuptials in June

It is with pleasure that I share some good news. On June 25th 2021 Kate Blanas married Houegnon (Q) Attenoukon in a private ceremony. Kate is the daughter of Jim and Ruth (McCord) Blanas. The happy couple live in Baltimore, MD. Kate is a teacher and Q works in the Baltimore Ravens organization.

Clan Maclean of Duart

For all Duarts, Dewarts, Maclean of Duarts and all variations of the Duart name, I just received information that the next Clan gathering on the Isle of Mull will be pushed back until June 2023, however there will be a virtual gathering of the clan 22-26, 2021. The event is free to attend, but you must register. Registration opens on Tuesday 8th June.

The dates for the rescheduled International Gathering of the Clan Maclean have been announced as Monday the 19th to Sunday the 25th of June 2023. The Gathering will be held on the Isle of Mull and further details will be published as they are announced.

I will post where to register for the virtual clan gathering when I receive the information, so please check back here around June 8th.

Samuel E. Hershey, “Mr. McCaskey” of Sports

So proud of our Sam Hershey, for all of his sports accolades he has received this year. He was named All-American for 2020 in soccer and more recently to the 2021 Big 33 football team as a kicker. Sam also plays on the McCaskey basketball team. He follows a history of sports standouts in the Hershey family.

Trevor Hershey, Sam’s father played soccer at James Madison University and his mother, LindaLee (nee Papuga) scored the first ever goal in women’s soccer for Gettysburg University. Grandfather, Al, was an All-American soccer player for Elizabethtown College. All of them have coached on a collegiate level with Trevor and LindaLee at Millersville University. Al coached soccer at his Alma mater, Elizabethtown College and for 10 years at Franklin and Marshall College.

For those of you who do not know the Big 33, it is a team of high school seniors, chosen to represent Pennsylvania in a football game against Ohio or Maryland. Every Super Bowl has had at least one player who was on a Big 33 team.

Erin Spencer and Asha deVos National Geographic Special

According to the National Geographic website, cousin Erin Spencer will be featured on February 24, 2021 at 4:00 pm on YouTube. Below is copied of the information from the Nat Geo site. For more information about this program go to to sign up. If you are a teacher, this is a great place to find educational programs to be used in your classroom.

“Asha de Vos is a Sri Lankan marine biologist, ocean educator, and blue whale expert. She founded the nonprofit Oceanswell to educate the next generation of ocean heroes and in 2019, Asha was named one of 12 Women Changemakers by the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

Erin Spencer is a marine ecologist and science communicator focusing on fisheries conservation and management. Her recent work has focused on the mislabeling of seafood in the United States and innovative responses to invasive species management.

Asha and Erin are together onboard the OceanXplorer with scientists and technologists from around the world. They’re currently offshore in the Bahamas, which is their first stop on a mission to explore the most unreachable parts of the ocean! Join them to hear behind-the-scenes stories from the frontlines of ocean exploration.”