Do you know Joel Packard’s Parents ?

I have been on the hunt for documentation of the parents of Joel, Silas and William Packard.  I have yet to locate anything that ties them to the previous generation, but have found plenty who say their father is Daniel, some say Samuel and the best I can do is Jonathan Packard.

I am in search of the author of the William Packard history that was written not long ago that states his father is Daniel.  I have not seen enough of this history to know if it is documented,  as to parents of these Packards who migrated to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts or Connecticut.

Silas Packard’s tombstone states “From Pelham”, but in searching the Pelham records, find nothing to prove that.  The Bradford County (PA) history states he was from Pelham, not sourced.  That this has been recorded in a number of places must mean something, but what?  The Robinson records have a Daniel Packard who married Zebeah Robinson, but the final word on them is “they went to Pelham”.

If any of you would look at this blog have information that can lead me to a source, I would be ever so grateful to receive the documentation.

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