Hershey’s Come One, Come All

The annual Frank and Lydia (Buckwalter) Hershey family reunion will be held Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 1:00 pm at the Paradise Community Park, Paradise, PA. Pavilion #2.  Bring a large dish to pass, table service, lawn chairs, drink and old pictures.  Please let your immediate family know about the reunion.  If I have an up to date email, they should be receiving a notice soon.  Playground, athletic fields are available, bring your own equipment.

Frank and Lydia (Buckwalter) Hershey Reunion 2012

Frank and Lydia (Buckwalter) Hershey Reunion

          August 26, 2012  1:00 pm

Paradise Community Park

          Londonvale Road off Rt. 30 in Paradise, PA

Pavilion #2

Bring a large dish to pass, table service, lawn chairs and drink.  Share family pictures and information.  Please share this reunion information with your immediate family
Playground, athletic fields available

Class of ’69 says goodbye to another classmate

Classmate and fellow genealogist, Audrey Isbell Allen passed away this month.  Audrey doesn’t know how much she helped me early on in my search for family and I never told her.  How sad that it is now too late to do so.  Point being – always take that second or two to tell the folks around you, how much they mean to you.

Earlier in the year we lost classmate, Gail Braund Walrath.  I will always remember her and Audrey with a smile on their face and nice to be around.

We will miss you at our next reunion, but I’m sure you will be there in spirit.

Hershey Family Reunion Newsletter

The Hershey family reunion is being held, August 28th in Paradise, at the usual spot.  I have put together a newsletter to keep the family updated on the information I receive.  It has been emailed to those folks who have been kind enough to share their email.  For all the rest, you are missing out.  You can reach me through the contact section of my website to get on the email list.