John Sanford Brown’s Family Reunion

Shirley Brown hosted another John Sanford Brown family reunion at her lovely cabin on Armenia Mountain, Bradford County, Pennsylvania again this year.  The showing was a little slim, but everyone seemed to be enjoying the gathering.  The weather was perfect to share a meal, collect newts and visit the windmill farm on the mountain.

I collected the latest family additions and got to meet some of my newer cousins.  Funny how some of these connects were there all along, but I never made them.  As I’m growing older, I seem to become wiser about my relatives.  The Brown’s didn’t move far from Bradford and Sullivan Counties, so many of my high school classmates were distant cousins.  It’s only through the reunions that I put two and two together.

While at the New England Historic Genealogical Society conference, I was able to get some of my family lines back very far and now know where John got his Sanford name.  I hope to have this all put together by next year so the Brown’s will know their glorious heritage.

I hope the Brown’s continue to get together and thank Shirley for making this happen.

See you next year.

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  1. My name is Lori Brown Durenleau and our Browns are in Brownstown and West/East Donegal Township in, Lancaster County, Middletown, Dauphin County, Cumberland, Juniata, Perry Counties, Kentucky, Maryland and Tennessee! My fathers side are Browns, Bosslers, Graybills, Longeneckers, Engles, Brennemans, Sheppards, Kurtz or Kurty, etc. Especially, since so many people know about the Brenneman Book. My fathers mothers side are Downins, Lyons, Metcalfes, etc. We currently have 226 DNA Trees associated with my fathers DNA. I thought I was a good researcher, but my dad’s Browns, have me stumped….I have a mental block somewhere or burn out! The last I no for sure is George Brown 1816/7-1877, born in Lancaster County and died in Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, buried in Mount Tunnel Cemetary. Martin Groff was his administrator, and I no other Groffs/Graeffs/Groves married Browns. George’s wife is Harriet H and was born in Lancaster County in 1821-1892. I have pictures of George, Harriet, Daughter Harriet, Son Emanuel and Sarah! Anyways I digress, any way these locations connect, as my dads dad and he would take “field trips” and point out houses or tell stories about cousins, relatives. My dad can be quite interesting and is a very good historian, Imthink the pressure is getting to me, his health is in decline and I feel like I am running out of time! Anyways, Lori

    1. Sorry it has taken so long to reply, I didn’t see this before, but … I don’t think this is the same George Brown in my family. My George came from Lincolnshire England to Northern PA. The names you listed are familiar but not related to my Brown’s. We are related to Lyons of New England, pretty far back and again they came to NE and didn’t journey south in PA but remained in N. PA. It is my father’s side of White’s that are Lancaster County and none of them are Brown’s.
      Happy Hunting,

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