Natalie Marie Blanas Has Arrived in time for the next reunion

Cousins Jim and Ruth (McCord) Blanas are the proud grandparents of Natalie Marie Blanas born 3 February 2015.  She is the daughter of Alex and Jane (Graham) Blanas.  This is the first baby for the Blanas family.  Congratulations to one and all.

Ruth has been so excited to be a grandma.  I doubt this baby will be spoiled.

Ruth and Jim are hosting another McCord family gathering tentatively set for August 15th in Allentown.  Stand by for further news on both.

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  1. Hello:

    I am a descendant of Ann White. From a very young age, I grew up hearing the stories of Thomas White’s contributions to the Boston Tea Party and his monument in Pennsylvania. I’d love to learn more about the upcoming reunion and any genealogical information that is available to share.

    1. The reunion is Descendants of William Walter White and probably wouldn’t help in your genealogy. It is mostly immediate family and no genealogy is discussed.

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