Martha B. White Passes at 90 years young

It is with sadness that I share that my Mom, Martha B. White passed away on Friday, September 11, 2020 at Masonic Village, Elizabethtown, PA. She moved to Elizabethtown 5 years ago, so I have had the privilege to share her last few years. She has been such a trooper, always ready for a shopping trip, a visit with cousins or just coming to my house for Sunday pizza and Americas Funniest Home Videos.

Her last major trip was to Hudson OH to celebrate nephew, Bill and Kathy McCord’s 50th anniversary. What a great time we had.

Mom was still very sharp to the end and always ready for a good argument about politics. She was a journaler and kept them for the majority of her life. I have them now and will enjoy reading them for years to come to see her view on current events and her trips.

We will miss her so much, but hope she is now at peace with Dad and Barb.

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  1. I was so sorry to read about your mother’s passing; and now your Uncle Delly. Time just moves on too quickly…and more quickly the older we get.

    Families are not what they were when we were growing up…family reunions with all the cousins, etc. I do remember them and have a few photos too. Now, I don’t know hardly any one. 🙁

    I basically quit on the genealogy after our last emails…I guess that says I’m not really a “genealogist”! I have passed on what I had to all my family and also divided up the pictures that were stored (hidden!) in my trunk. It’s now up to them to do what they want!

    With all that is happening this year, I’ve not been able to visit my family in VA and only a couple times to LeRoy. I now have 5 great-grands that are growing up much too quickly.

    Again, my condolences over the loss of your mom and uncle…and I trust all is well otherwise within your family.

    1. Esther,
      Thank you. I am sorry I didn’t get your message earlier. It usually sends a message to my regular email and I didn’t get that. I’ll have to see what got shut off. I’m still working on the genealogy, but you have done the right thing to pass it along. I have to have a discussion with my step-kids to be sure they don’t pitch everything, but give it to some repository. I would hate to have all of this go in the trash.
      Yes, Aunt Loretta is the only one left and she is 92. I think the quarantining from Covid was a contributing factor to Mom’s death. She was alone in her apartment from March until she went to assisted living then hospice. We were finally able to Zoom with her and had a couple of visits with her behind plexiglass, but only got to give her a hug just a few hours before she died. So sad, but I know she is in heaven with Dad and my sister, Barb. Then a month and a day later Uncle Delly died. I guess he is there with Mom, too.
      Always good to hear from you,

  2. I knew your parents, Bob and Martha White, as a young boy spending time in Snedekerville with cousins Olive and Mike Fitzgerald and Dick Liz and Jimmy and Ann Fitzgerald. I am sorry to learn of her death. I also remember Richie Dean and his sister Bertha as well as Effie and Walt White and Hugh. I had not known Hugh died in the 60s. I think I remember when Hugh and Bertha (was her nickname Birdie?) got married. Anyway, if you have Richie Deans email, I would love to have it. Again, my condolences to you on your mother’s death. I remember the McCords lived up the dirt road behind Dick and Liz’s. I believe one of their sons and Jim Fitzgerald went into business with a bar down in Maryland.

    1. Michael,
      Sorry I missed your message here. I usually get a notice on my regular email. Don’t know what happened. Anyway, not a fan of Richie Dean so don’t have his email. Of all those you named only Jim Fitzgerald is still alive. Jim went into business with my cousin, Jim McCord, but even he is long gone. He died on my birthday, I believe in 1999. He got lung cancer and didn’t last too long. He made it to my Dad’s funeral, but died a month later. I remember the Whitehead cousins of Jim and Ann visiting Sned. Was Sylvia a sister? Boy! Those were the good times when we didn’t have a care in the world.

  3. Oh…good to hear from you Debbie. I was just “surfing” and came across my book mark for here and decided to check it out. I figured you certainly have been busy and didn’t get on to reply often! It’s hard to believe Loretta is 92 (but then, I’m nearly 79)! Where do the years go? If you every think of it when you have contact with Loretta, please tell her hello for me! I really knew her the best of any of your family, because of her job I would see her fairly often! I have pretty much kept myself shut in, as I haven’t really felt safe to be out in public a lot. Have seen my LeRoy family a few time and sure hope this summer is better all around. ~Take care!

    1. Esther,
      I will try to give Aunt Loretta a call tomorrow to pass along your greeting. She is the only one left, so is quite lonely, with no siblings to call. We have received our first doses of the vaccine, so really looking forward to the second and busting out of this house. I know we still have to wear masks, but will feel a little relieved to not look at everyone and think about them giving us Covid. Be well, stay safe.

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