Looking for Living Charles Family Members of Pennsylvania

I am working on a project for the Hiram Charles family of Lancaster County, PA and would like to hear from any members who are willing to provide a DNA sample for family research.  Depending on your family relationship, a DNA kit may be provided.

This project will use Autosomal DNA, so you won’t be excluded because of gender.  The results may be uploaded to GedMatch, but would not be identified with any of your information.

For further questions about this project, send an email through this website.

Thank you,


2 Replies to “Looking for Living Charles Family Members of Pennsylvania”

  1. Hi, Deb:

    I have Charles ancestors on my mother’s side which I have traced back…to a point (her side is also my Hershey lineage). I have been told that I have Charles relatives on my father’s side but I have not been able to prove that out to date.

    Regardless, if you think it profitable, I would be glad to submit to a DNA test (actually, I have in the past— if it is helpful, I can forward to you my information). I can also forward to you my Charles connection that I have.

    You can then do with it as you see fit.


    1. Doug,
      I’m back on line again, whew! What a problem when we depend on email so much. Anyway, I would love to have your Charles connection. You say you have tested in the past, what company? If it is Ancestry DNA, I would only need your results to compare. It may be pretty straight forward to look at your DNA and compare it to the line I’m trying to work out. The story goes that Hiram Charles was the illegitimate son of President James Buchanan. He was not actually a Charles, but raised by the family. I’m trying to see if this is true, by DNA testing. Whatever you forward to me will be kept confidential. I will try to get the results to everyone in my blog if I can prove this connection.
      Thank you for responding to my request.
      Deborah Hershey

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