First Families of Pennsylvania

I finally have time for my own research and have decided to work on First Families of Pennsylvania through the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania (GSP).  My initial family was Sarah Shoemaker who arrived in Philadelphia in 1686 and purchased 200 acres.  Her husband, George had died on the way over from Germany or before she had left so it was that she landed in Philadelphia with seven children.

From further research, we know that Sarah’s son, George married Sarah Wall, whose family was already here in 1682.  I will work on the Wall/Waln family for my supplement to First Families of PA.  There is an abundance written about the Wall’s, but I haven’t found EVERYTHING, so if you are researching the Shoemaker/Wall connection and have some records not available on line, I would love to have a copy.

The next families will be the Richardson and Levering families.  It is a challenge to get them listed in the oldest division of First Families –  Colony and Commonwealth: 1638–1790, but how fun to see how much information is available from that time period at GSP and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, both in Philadelphia.

Happy hunting to those who try.

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  1. Dear Deb
    I read with interest your information about the Schoemaker families, because I have been researching this family off and on for about 9 months. My husband is a descendant of Jacob Schumacher 1624-1722, born in Cresheim (Kriegsheim) Palatinate, Germany, who sailed with Frances Daniel Pastorius, and 5 other indentured servants – Georg Wurtmuller, Isaac Dilbeck, Tune Kundera, Arents Klincken, and Denis Kundore (Conrad), on the good ship AMERICA, August 16, 1682, settling in what is now Germantown. So The Welcome Society and DAR and SAR are of interest to me, as are all of your other reading suggestions. In my research, I found that George Schumacher 1637-1686 was married to Sarah Wall, and they were sailing on the ship JEFFREY, the ship’s captain being Thomas Arnold. George died from small pox during the voyage. Does this match your research? I have found a lot of information, but a lot of it is misinformation…this is why this tree takes such a long time! I don’t have the birth, death dates for Sarah Wall. Any info you could pass on to me would be greatly appreciated.
    Karen Wolff Klaine

    1. Karen,
      George Shoemaker, wife Sarah and children were coming to America. George died before he could get here, but his wife, Sarah continued on and arrived 1686. This makes the Shoemaker’s too late to join the Welcome Society. George Shoemaker, son of above George and Sarah married Sarah Wall. I’m trying to find the ship her father, Richard and grandfather, Richard arrived on, however so far it appears they arrived before William Penn, so may not be eligible on that score. George and Sarah (Wall) Shoemaker’s house still stands in Elkins Park, PA and is owned by Cheltenham Twp., PA The house was built in 1682 on land granted to Richard, by Wm Penn. The only Shoemaker that I have documented for DAR is Malachi Shoemaker who married Susannah Shafer. Her father was the Rev. War Patriot. George and Sarah (Wall) Shoemaker were married in 1694. The Historic Society of Pennsylvania has the original sheep skin marriage certificate. I have held it and have a copy of it. It was such a thrill. As for misinformation, here is a perfect example — The Shoemakers of Cheltenham book that was written in 1903 states that Malachi Shoemaker married Susannah Shafer and had no issue. I take issue with no issue. I’m one of the issues and have documented everything back to immigrant George and Sarah. Good luck with your Shoemakers. If you are interested in your husband joining The Welcome Society, you will need to look for the Ship on which Richard Waln/Wall arrived, assuming he is descended from the immigrant son George and Sarah (Wall) Shoemaker.
      Regards and happy hunting

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