Snedekerville School No. 3 Bell At Historical Society

Today Al and I returned the Snedekerville (PA) School No. 3 bell to Bradford County.  The bell was in Grandma White’s house for many years until it was given to Grandpa White’s nephew, Bob Spencer in Wallingford PA.  Bob and Mid used the bell for many years, then gave it to their daughter who has now given the bell back to me.  I thought the most fitting place to put the bell is back in Bradford County.  The Bradford County Historical Society was happy to get something for their museum from Snedekerville.  If anyone has anything from Sned that they would like to contribute, please notify the Historical Society.  They have a wonderful museum in the former Bradford County Prison.  Their genealogical collections are equally as terrific.  Check their website for visiting hours and information about their collections.