Strolling through Facebook you can find many unusual items to read. I found this one particularly interesting because I frequently get asked if I am related to Milton S. Hershey, Founder of Hershey, PA and infamous for his chocolate town. Most people will recognize the name of Hershey. As a genealogist, I can tell you, my husband is a first cousin three times removed. When you tell most people this relationship, their faces go blank. I could explain this, but then I can imagine you would change to another blog.

Back to HowManyofMe – I found this website and thought I would find out how many Deborah Hershey’s there are in the United States. The results:

There are
people with the name Deborah Hershey in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I thought this was a little low as I know there are 4 Deborah Hershey’s in the Hershey area, but there are also, last time I checked, 100 Hershey families in the local phonebook (back when you were listed in a phonebook). As we have traveled around the USA we have stopped in other towns named Hershey, but I didn’t think to look in their phonebooks. There is a Hershey, Nebraska, for one.

This is a fun exercise, how many of you are in the United States?