Genealogy Consultant Course at NSDAR

I took the Genealogy Consultant course at NSDAR last week.  What a way to get rejuvenated in genealogy.  Much of it was aimed at completing NSDAR applications, but everyone learned a thing or two about doing research and where to look.  There are so many sites available for free that contain valuable information about our ancestors.

When working on a Revolutionary War ancestor for DAR, service and location is key.  If they were in the militia in Cumberland County, but they lived in Chester County, you probably have the wrong soldier.  Militia groups were formed locally.  It is not unheard of that they may have joined somewhere else, but doubtful.

NSDAR has put the Genealogy Research System (GRS) on the public site at  If you think you know of an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War or provided civil or patriotic service you may be eligible to join this lineage society.

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  1. I am trying to join the SAR. My 8th great grandfather is Henry Umholtz , his son John Phlip, his son Christian . I can document to Christian. I need help

    1. I think I can help. Do you know that Christian is definitely connected to John Philip? If you go on my website, you can see my fee schedule. I would give you a completed SAR application on official paper with the associated documents appropriately labeled. If you would like to discuss this you can reach me at 717 367 7610 or email me directly at

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