Revolutionary War Patriot Homes in Pennsylvania

The Harrisburg Chapter DAR Historic Preservation Committee started a project to identify and document Revolutionary War Patriot Homes in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.  It is an ambitious project, but very interesting to see how many homes that were built in late 1700s or early 1800s are still standing and many still occupied.  Another Chapter asked me to do a talk on this project and so my search began in other counties outside of Dauphin.  It doesn’t take too much searching to find these homes, thanks to the folks who preserve them, put them on the National Registry of Historic Places or those folks so long ago who did an Historic American Building Survey (HABS).

Working on this project has taught me so much about the history of the area.  Here is something for you to look up — “Conway Cabal”.  I learned a lot about the Revolutionary era military and people in general.  They had petty little squabbles in Congress in the 1770s just like they do today, but this country remains strong despite it all.

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