Another Revolutionary War Patriot Approved – Thomas Sanford

I have had another Patriot approved by The Daughters of the American Revolution.  Thomas Sanford through his daughter, Polly was approved this past week.  That makes 9 and I have two or three more in the queue to be approved.  Those I’m waiting for approval are Adam Shafer through his grandson, Payne Shoemaker and two for Thomas White through his grandchildren William and Sarah.  These grandchildren of Thomas married each other.  I have already had Adam Shafer approved through his grandson, Malachi.  For you who have similar situations, you can get credit for one patriot twice.

Thomas Sanford fought in the 6th Regiment, Connecticut Line, under Captain Barker and Cols. Douglas and Meigs.  I first found out about the Sanford’s while I was taking a course – Coming Home to New England at the New England Historic Genealogical Society a couple of years ago.  This explains why my grandfather, John Sanford Brown has his middle name.  I was always curious because we never heard about this family.

Thomas’ daughter, Polly, sometimes referred to as Molly married William Beardsley.  They were the parents of Ruth Beardsley who married Ziba Morse.  Ziba’s grandfather also is an approved patriot – Obadiah Morse.  Ruth and Ziba were both born and married in Connecticut, but then migrated to Pennsylvania.  This was probably during the time that Connecticut thought they owned the upper portion of PA.  They stayed on in Bradford County, PA and have many descendants who still live there.

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  1. I had gotten to thinking again about the “Sanford” name when I saw the recent family obits. I had noted the information several years ago when I found your blog. However, I just came upon a question!! You mention your grandfather John Sanford got his middle name from Thomas Sanford. BUT…Joseph Sanford Shoemaker, the previous generation also had the Sanford name. How did Joseph get the name Sanford if your grandfather was named after Thomas Sanford? Or, were they both named after him?? Hmm, I don’t know why I didn’t notice that before!

    Any information would be appreciated!

    1. Oh boy! I’m really remiss in answering this one. Thomas Sanford is their Revolutionary War ancestor, so both of them would have gotten the name from him, I would assume. I have proven Thomas Sanford as a Patriot for DAR.

  2. Thanks, Debbie! That makes sense…both of them; OR else your great grandmother just liked the name Sanford and decided to use it! 🙂 It kind of makes me want to get back into some research, but I think I’ve done about all I can! I did a little more LeRoy research as my grandson bought my aunt and uncle’s house in LeRoy. They had it built in 1939! ~Take care!

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