Sara Jane Bell Nebiolo Passing

This has been the Christmas of sad news with numerous friends and relatives passing away. I have one to share.  Sara Jane Bell Nebiolo passed away in August 2015.  She is a cousin on the Bell side of the family and there are far too many already.  I grew up knowing her as Janie Bell and when I moved to Hershey, occasionally visited with her parents, George and Sara Bell who lived in Harrisburg.

Janie and I reconnected and she was coming for a visit, but something came up so she was unable to Hershey at that time.  We have kept in touch occasionally, mostly at Christmas, so was very happy to see Thomas’ name pop up on our TV.  Thomas was calling to let me know about Janie’s passing.  She had a stroke in June and just never recovered.

Please remember Sara Jane, Thomas and son, Ted in your prayers.  And reach out to those who you haven’t been in touch with for a while before they too, join that great triumvirate.

It is better to carry a single flower

To a living friend at any hour

Then to pile roses white and red

Upon their coffin when their dead.


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  1. Tom Nebiolo says:

    I found your posting about our Janie last night. It is a wonderful tribute to her. I showed it to Ted this morning. We are both appreciative of your sharing it with others. We are still feeling her loss, but the remembrances from friends and family are helping us through.

    I am not sure if Janie told you, but she and I were married for 45 years. We were married at St. Patrick’s cathedral in Harrisburg in May 1970. Ted (Thomas Edward) was born in 1993 just before her 47th birthday. Janie called him “cutie pie” until the day she passed away. Janie told Ted the stories about the James Bell estate in Marysville. I would like to take him there to see the “valley” and the Bell family grave site.

    I tried to attach her obituary to this, but it would not work. If you could sent me your email address, I will forward it to you electronically so that you could share it with others if you would like.

    My email address is

    Thanks again Deb,


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