White/McCord Family Reunion a Great Success

Ruth and Jim Blanas hosted a wonderful family reunion this past weekend (Aug. 16, 2014) in an Allentown/Bethlehem area park with attendees coming from as far as Apopka, FL, Greenville, SC and Chicago.  We got to meet new cousins, Navy Baumann and Caitlin Egan and the many other youngest generation.  The newest member, who couldn’t make the trip, was born only 13 Aug 2014, Jeremiah McCord.  He lives in Missouri with parents, Seth and Haley.

It was an active party with plenty of photos taken and available for viewing on Facebook.  The boys ( ages 3-10) built a stone fort.  I’m sure the park caretakers are enjoying that.  They swings and merry-go-round got a good workout as well.

The day was beautifully, sunny with just enough breeze to keep bugs and heat away.  Ruth must have sent a lot of prayers upstairs to get such a beautiful day.  She certainly thought of everything to make it a perfect day.  Let’s make this an annual event.

Welcome New Addition to White Family

Navy Jane Bauman has been added to the family tree.  She is the daughter of Joe and Jamie (McCord) Bauman and was born June 1st.  Her tree goes like this Joe and Jamie d/o Jim and Jackie McCord, s/o Bea (White) and Bill McCord d/o Walt and Effie (Bell) White, s/o Alex and Mary Ella (Hess) White.

The White/McCord’s are having a family gathering August 16, 2014, so if you are interested you should plan on attending and let Ruth (McCord) Blanas know, by contacting her on Facebook.

Walter White’s Family Gathering

Ruth McCord Blanas has organized a family reunion for Walter and Effie (Bell) White’s children and families.  It will be in Bethlehem, PA on August 16th, 2014.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Ruth and let her know.  She will need a head count.

Don’t wait for a personal invitation just plan to come.  You can also contact me via this website and I will pass it along to Ruth.

Dottie Myers and William Betts Have left us

This has been a year of losses.  Today I received a call that William Betts, husband of Mary Spencer Betts, had passed away rather quickly.  Bill and Mary had just this past year buried their son, Kerry.  Our hearts go out to Mary and Carole and hope others will keep them in their prayers.

Just two weeks ago, Dottie Heisley Latham Myers, wife of cousin Mel Myers passed away very unexpectedly.  She had fallen and landed in the hospital for a week.  She was unable to recover.   I attended the graveside service in Perry Heights Cemetery, Marysville, PA.  As has been the norm this winter we had yet another snow storm and I was unable to attend the memorial service at the Market Square Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg, PA.  Contributions may be made to that church in Dottie’s memory.

This year we have lost too many of the White’s, so stay healthy.

Christmas Card Announces the passing of Lynn Alan White,

I love to receive those Christmas letters.  Why do people send Christmas cards if they are just going to sign their name.  I always look at the letter as catching up at least once a year with those distant cousins, friends and past colleagues.  If you take the time to address that card, at least give me one or two lines on how you and your family were this past year.

Unfortunately, Christmas letters sometimes bring sad news, such as this year my cousin, Lynn White passed away at 61 years old.  Too young to leave this world.  Lynn and I were usually assigned to sit be each other in school, when going alphabetically.  That is when I really got to know him.  Then we both went to Wilkes-Barre, PA to college, Lynn to Wilkes and me to King’s and Mercy.  As the years went by, so did our keeping in touch, so I was particularly sad to get the news of his passing on the 4th of July in Lance’s letter.

I’ve heard from many of our classmates and Lynn’s passing has hit our class fairly hard.  I guess it is just our facing our own mortality and the end of making new memories with him.  Lynn rest in peace.  You are missed, but not forgotten.

Abraham Hershey Connected and another two White’s to go

As I continue with other prospective member applications to NSDAR, I also find new ancestors for me.  My latest is the connection to Abraham Hershey.  Now I can say I’m a Hershey with a Hershey connection.  My original application, so many years ago, was with Abraham Long.  His son married Catherine Hershey, whose father fought in the revolutionary war.  A quick connection and another ancestor bar for my pins.

Recently, my cousins from Seattle WA were in for a visit.  We had a great conversation about all of our ancestors, when Mark posed the question  “did any of the White’s fight in the war”?  I thought I knew the answer, but then questioned whether I every checked.  Sure enough, Thomas White, born in Rye Twp., Perry County, PA had been proven by a DAR member.  So to the computer to search for all those direct connections.  Actually, I can do two applications for Thomas because down the line first cousins married.  William White’s daughter married Thomas White’s son, generation 6 – grandchildren of the Patriot Thomas.   A couple of more proofs and off to DAR go these supplementals.

Beatrice Mary White McCord

Well, another report of sad news.  Aunt Bea McCord passed away at the age of 91 years on September 29th, 2013.  She was the last of 3 children of Walter and Effie (Bell) White.  The family will have a memorial service October 19th in Troy, PA and she will be buried in the White family plot in Glenwood Cemetery, Troy.

Many students will remember her as a physical education or science teacher in the Troy Area School District.  She was a lifelong member of the Troy Presbyterian Church and many other organizations in the area.

I can hardly believe that I have known Aunt Bea for so many years.  She read books to me and introduced me to “Horton Hatches an Egg” and Beatrix Potter books.  As a kid I probably thought she wrote those as I thought Grandma White (E.B. White – Effie Bell White) wrote “Charlotte’s Web”.  It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I realized E.B. White was a man.

Growing up in Snedekerville with the McCord cousin’s was a very special time that created a bond between our families that very few people of this age are able to have.  We are now spread across the country, but times like these we are back together and can reminisce about our days in Sned.

A Sad Goodbye to a White Cousin

It is that time of year when I try to be in touch with as many of the relatives as possible and hope to hear back from them by way of Christmas cards or calls.  Yesterday I had a call from cousin James Hooker III, Colorado Springs, CO.  It is with sadness that I share that James III’s father, Jim Hooker II died September 30, 2011 from liver cancer.  Jim was diagnosed in July with cancer and was gone by Sept.   I had sent Jim and Ann a Christmas card, their son received it and kindly answered.  We spoke for quite awhile, catching up on the latest news.  Ann is now in a skilled nursing care unit.

Jim Hooker III has promised to visit if he gets out East.  That will be a great time to get all the Whites together again. I have located someone from each of the Alexander Right and Mary Ella (Hess) White children’s families.

Other family news – Cousin Mel Myers (son of Sara White Myers)will be turning 90 as well as Aunt Bea White Mc Cord (daughter of Walter White).  Cousin Bob Spencer (son of Mary White Spencer) has already reached 91 years old.  It is wonderful to see all of these relatives reaching that great age of 90. A Christmas card from a friend who lives in the same development as Ted Locke (son-in-law of Bess White Hosler) says he is now in assisted living and his wife Marge (2nd wife) has an apartment nearby.

As you see, I love those Christmas letters, so keep them coming and I’ll post the news here.